Decorate your home not only through the use of our stunning fragrance bottles but also through the captivating senses of our fragrances. The company’s leading product was created to decorate every ambiance following the Aromatherapy theories and the importance of the Olfactory memory, developing the «Home Décor» concept.

The art of finding a different perfume for every corner of your house considering spaces and volumes.

ORO Gallery


A fragrance that is characterized by the aromatic power of Madagascar black pepper. The soft flowery overtones of the plumeria embrace the woody ones of the patchouli, making this mysterious mélange even more seductive. Luxurious bottles are made to decorate your spaces with fashion and preciousness. They are ideal for studios, living rooms and hallways.

FIORE Gallery


Light and sophisticated, alluring and seductive, this fragrance unveils “an elegant perfume of cherished memories”. A wonderful bouquet of white flowers with both a delicate and decisive character. An explosion of oral notes reawakens the emotions and memories of energy purely feminine. This highly refined fragrance is best for shared living spaces as well as more intimate and private spaces.

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