MEROË offers high quality, luxurious bedroom furniture in UAE

Our furniture is designed to make your bedroom look and feel like a luxurious oasis. We have a wide range of bed furniture Dubai to choose from, so you can find the perfect pieces for your home.

With MEROË, you can create the perfect bedroom that meets all your needs and desires. We offer a wide range of colors, styles, and materials so you can find the perfect set for your unique taste.


Shop for the best bedroom furniture in Dubai at MEROË

The bedroom furniture that we offer is made with high-quality materials and features beautiful designs that will add a touch of luxury to any bedroom. Our bedroom furniture pieces are made with the finest materials and craftsmanship, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best of the best.

Imagine waking up each morning to a beautiful and modern bedroom furniture set that makes you feel like royalty. With MEROË, this dream can become a reality. We have everything from stools and ottomans to bedside tables, dressers, mirrors and more, so you can create the perfect look for your space.

You cannot argue against a room’s comfort being enhanced by its furniture. First, close your eyes and visualize a space like your ideal bedroom. How do you see things? Now take out any piece that was previously present. You’ll have a significant vacant space (or none at all). That’s how vital bedroom furniture is. This guide answers the major questions; what are the essential furnishings for a bedroom, how can you pick the suitable size/color/material, and what are the categories of bedroom fixtures? Continue reading to find out more.

Categories of Bedroom Furniture

The choice boils down to the kind of bedroom it is (adult’s or for kids), the size of the room, whether it is shared or for just one person, and the personal style. The following are the essential bedroom furnishings.
There are a few categories of furnishings for a bedroom. The lucky thing is that you can get all these elements from MEROË bedroom furniture Dubai collection.

The Bed

The most non-negotiable part of the bed is the mattress, which should fit the bed frame perfectly – not be too big or too small. Considering the number of persons sleeping, two or more persons should opt for a minimum Queen size bed or larger.

This takes us to the Bed Frame, which is as important as the mattress, which should be sturdy and high quality to hold the mattress. The height and style are completely based on preference. We can help you at MEROË make your custom made bedroom a dream come true, with thousands of styles and fabric options. The bed frame is usually a bit larger than the mattress.

Bedside Furniture

It includes various elements that are related to the bed itself. Some bedroom furniture UAE pieces include the bedside table or a nightstand, which you place on each side of the bed, and put your table/reading lamp, glasses, book, and other handy or decorative things you need, a mirror on top of the nightstand, and other related components.

Tables & Chairs

Yes, it is referred to as a “bed” room, but if there is enough room, you can also enhance the look of your room by adding side tables and accent chairs. A reading table, a side table, or an end table and a chair – or two, or even a small couch. You can also go for a modern style like a stool by the dresser and mirror, a bench in front of the bed, where you can put a throw on to enhance its aesthetic feel and look.


The dresser helps you organize your clothes and other items to prevent clusters within the room. Choose from various options at MEROË, from simple yet modern bedroom furniture to premium furniture. Don’t forget to add a mirror(s) in your room to complete your bedroom’s glam, and if the space permits, you may include some chest drawers, cupboards, etc.

How to Pick the Best Bedroom Furniture

There are four things to consider before you decide to purchase any fixture.


The first step is determining how much you are willing to spend on your room’s furnishing. Sometimes, the end budget could be higher or lesser than this.

Room Size

The size of your room determines how many items you can add to the room. It also defines the dimensions of these fixtures.


You have to decide which of these items is more important and list them using a scale – from the most essential to the less significant.


You must shop for the best quality components to enjoy fixture longevity, durability, and a premium touch. MEROË has the best bedroom furniture in Dubai, including some of the best designs. Visit our showroom and check out our collection for your unique and custom bedroom.

What items should a bedroom have?

The following essentials for a bedroom include the bed, bed frame, a functional dresser, bedside table, and a seating area – if the size permits. Other furnishing pieces include mirrors, lighting, and other aesthetic add-ons.

Should you have all matching bedroom furniture?

You can, but modern styles include mixing and matching colors and patterns. But if you want to play it more clean and classic, go for light colors like white, brown, and nude.

How to pick the right-sized bed and mattress for your bedroom

Measure the length and breadth of your room (if it is not square-shaped, measure the area where you would like to keep your bed). Then, remove about 1 meter around the space you have measured, and get a mattress close to that dimension.


Our stools and custom-made ottomans offer a unique combination of contemporary opulence and comfort. Whether you’re searching for a place to rest your feet or an extra seat, our carefully curated selection has something to fit every need.

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Standard Bedside Tables

Our Mirrored Accent Tables, which provide unrivaled glitz and elegance to your home, are perfect for completing your bedroom.

The gorgeous drawer has a beautiful crystal knob and convenient storage for personal items in the bedroom, while the gleaming top is perfect for a beautiful bedside lamp.

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Enhance your bedroom’s decor with a beautiful bedside table. A reading lamp that creates ambience, as well as shelves for practical storage or the display of anything you choose, is a great addition to any room.

Our bedside tables are constructed of high-end woods and metals, allowing them to match with a wide range of decors and themes or stand out as individual features.

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