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MEROË – The Bed Boutique - Your source of luxurious linen, bed sheets, and beds in Dubai, UAE

Sleep is more than a mere luxury – it is a physiological necessity. Having the recommended amount of sleep aids in the recovery of the heart. It can also lead to a lighter, more pleasant mood, allowing you to think clearer, sharper, faster. Clearly, the benefits of a peaceful and deep slumber are not only physical, but also psychological.


Pave your pathway to dreamland with soft pillows, a thick downy comforter, and a luscious mattress from one of the most successful bed companies in Dubai today – MEROË – The Bed Boutique.

Shop at MEROË – The Bed Boutique and enrich your sleeping experience 

How well you sleep depends on the quality of your sleeping environment. It is scientifically proven that a high quality mattress and comfortable pillows can help one achieve a good night’s sleep. Comfortable bed sheets and linen are also important for enjoying a sound sleep.


In light of that, we at MEROË – The Bed Boutique provide a wide variety of custom-made beds and accessories to help you fashion a sleeping experience that is most suited to your comfort and style.

Our bed shop features a completely bespoke collection that allows you to choose from a vast selection of components for beds, including Sealy mattresses, pillows, and bed headboard, so you can create the bed of your dreams.


MEROË – The Bed Boutique holds an assortment of fabrics, threads, and designs to give you complete freedom over your sleeping experience.


Our bed shop offers an extensive range of bed sheets and bed linen for you to choose from, made from the highest quality fabrics in the market today. We use some of the most luxurious Egyptian cotton in some of our collections, which means you can enjoy the utmost in comfort and luxury every time you go to sleep.


The material makeup of Egyptian cotton makes it highly breathable. This composition makes it the perfect sleeping companion, whether you use it for bed sheets or bed linen.

Delivering a sound sleep all over the UAE 

Here at MEROË – The Bed Boutique, we believe everyone deserves to enjoy a truly restful slumber. As such, we offer our products to every home, every person, every family in UAE. Whether you are a bachelor living in a one-bedroom apartment, or a family of four or more living in a villa, you can shop and customize your perfect bed with us.

Start your search for the best beds in Dubai today here at MEROË – The Bed Boutique. Contact us today to know more.