Accentuate your bedroom in Dubai with a personalised custom bed headboard

Your bedroom is your own personal space. When you want to unwind after a long, tiring work day, you head straight to your bedroom to finally get some much-needed rest. As such, it is important for it to have a tranquil atmosphere that invites a sense of rest and relaxation. Enhance the look of your bedroom with the help of custom headboards from one of the premiere bedroom boutiques in Dubai today – MEROE.

Styling and crafting customised bed headboards for clients across the UAE

When it comes to creating bed headboards, MEROË – The Bed Boutique has a completely bespoke approach. We understand that each client has a unique design in mind when it comes to the look they want to achieve. As such, we give our customers free reign over the final design of the finished product. From the style of the bed headboard to the type of material that you wish to use, we offer an extensive range of options for our customers to choose from.

We offer a wide variety of finishes, from a diversity of silky and textured fabrics to the softest of velvets. If you need recommendations on which bed headboard looks best on your bespoke, custom bed, we can give you our professional opinion as well. Our professional team can provide you with a range of colour swatches for you to choose the colour, shade and hue of your upcoming custom headboard you wish to have.

Enjoy a more aesthetically appealing environment

The right headboards can improve the warmth and synergy of a particular room. Whether you have a small studio apartment or a master bedroom, a well-designed custom bed featuring a bespoke headboard can serve as a visual focal point – a grand centre of attention from which the general mood of a room emanates. It can create a contrast or blend in seamlessly with the general colour scheme of your bedroom. The most important aspect to consider is how it harmonises with the other design factors in a particular area.

Interested? Get in touch with us

So if you want a custom bed headboard for your room in Dubai or the UAE, contact MEROË – The Bed Boutique today.

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