The epitome of luxury linens, Christian Fischbacher is known around the world for globally inspired designs and unparalleled quality. For nearly two centuries, Christian Fischbacher’s beautiful fabrics for BED, BATH and HOME have turned homes into an oasis of comfort, elegance and tranquillity. The centre of Switzerland's traditional textile industry is the city of St. Gallen, which has also been the home for Christian Fischbacher's global headquarters since 1819.


Christian Fischbacher’s company’s philosophy can be summarised in five words: Elegance, Luxury, Quality, Comfort and Innovation. Christian Fischbacher’s designers are amongst the most innovative in the industry. Christian Fischbacher's creative teams consist of expert textile designers with deep professional experience in fashion, weaving and print. Christian Fischbacher's artists visit trade fairs and seminars around the globe to keep current with the latest international trends and developments. It is thanks to their skills and efforts that Christian Fischbacher fabrics regularly appear in notable trend-books and win prestigious textile awards, such as the Materialica Design and Technology Award.


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