The Antica Officina del Farmacista is the story of a “nose” in a unique city of art, which picked up the scent of the essential elements needed to give life to a desirable product which reaches the heart through the sense of smell.

The nose belongs to Dr. Paolo Vranjes, pharmacist, chemist, cosmetologist but above all, translator of emotions into olfactory delights.

The city of art could be none other than Florence, with its elegant, old shops which are able to offer unique suggestions to tempt the five senses.

Upon stepping inside the Antica Officina del Farmacista you will be seduced by the harmonious alchemy of emotions, research, and inspiration, the core ingredients necessary for the fine art of creating fragrances.

The meticulous search for perfection and the passion for creation are the ingredients of these handcrafted products, created with essences of the highest quality to scent every room in the house, the office, the shop.

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